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Soumya P. Panda Associate

Soumya P. Panda is a patent attorney concentrating his practice on patent proceedings in the electrical and computer engineering field including preparation and prosecution of patent applications and representation of clients in administrative trials before the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) as well as appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC).  Mr. Panda also provides opinion counseling on a variety of patent-related issues, such as infringement, validity, and enforceability of the client’s or the client’s competitor’s patents.

As an experienced patent attorney, Mr. Panda has represented both foreign and domestic clients to protect a broad range of technologies and fields including wireless communications, satellite networks, digital signal and image processing, computer simulation of multi core processors, computational geometry for video graphics, cloud computing, semiconductors, optics, and medical imaging devices. 

Mr. Panda’s understanding of complex technologies enables him to counsel inventors and companies to create and enforce high quality patents to achieve their business goals.

Publications & Presentations

Soumya Panda, The Procedural Due Process Requirements for No-Fly Lists, 4 Pierce L. Rev. 121 (2005)